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If You’re Thinking Long Term, You Can’t Afford to Be Old Yet

by Samuel N. Asare

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If you have any investments in the stock market, we can safely assume that you’ve called – or been calling – your financial adviser, paid close attention to the experts on TV, searched websites, or devoured newspaper columns and financial magazines looking for some sort of solution for your depleting assets.

The “long term” Fallacy

We are pretty sure you have been told by your financial adviser, heard the experts say, or read this golden solution blasted by conventional advisors: “Your losses are only on paper. Focus on the long term, because in the long term – whenever that is – you’ll be okay.”

In essence, their solution and message to the millions of investors whose life savings have been decimated by the stock market meltdown is that they cannot afford to be old yet (i.e., think long term). They must delay retirement. And if they’re already retired, are they still to wait for the long term?

The truth is, those losses are real. Period! 

Holding stocks long term does not and never will eliminate risk. These so-called financial experts cannot and should not be telling investors – or even implying – that if they hold stocks long enough, the risk disappears and they’ll always end up in great shape.

What Is Long-Term?

As an investor, you want to ask this question of your advisor, so at least you can know the perception of their answer: “Mr./Ms. Advisor, how long, exactly, is this “long-term” you’re referring to?” The fact is that investors who have had their money in the stock market for 3 or 30 years, alike, all lost significant portions of their nest eggs. So to profess that simply thinking long term is the answer is, frankly, false and absurd.

At Laser Financial Group, we maintain that retirement is certain, and people’s livelihoods should be, as well. This philosophy is what guides the recommendations that we`ve provided our clients throughout the years - and has in turn yielded the many success stories that we are proud to be a part of. To find out if you could benefit from our insights, please call 877.656.9111 or visit to set up your complimentary consultation.

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