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7 Tips for Protecting Your Savings from Fraud

by Samuel N. Asare


From time to time, we hear devastating stories about people who were defrauded by those they most trusted with their money. Images of giant ponzi scam artist, Bernie Madoff, are still fresh in our memories, along with countless others scattered across the nation.

The reality is that there is no way to guarantee someone else’s integrity. In fact, Madoff was once the Chairman of the Board of Directors of what is known today as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (formerly, the National Association of Securities Dealers) which, interestingly enough, is a regulatory watchdog in the securities industry. But even such an imperious former title didn`t stop him from running a ponzi scheme and defrauding his clients of billions, did it?

Although you can never be 100 percent certain of someone else’s character, we believe that taking the following steps will go a long way toward helping you protect your investment portfolios.

1. Meet face-to-face with your agent and visit the firm he/she works for, if that is feasible. This may help you discern any warning signs. Most investors do not take this crucial step, but if you consider your investments a major financial undertaking, this is most necessary. At Laser Financial Group, we prefer the good old eyeball-to-eyeball approach. We do use technology, but at some point during the initial stages of building client relationships, we encourage all of our prospective clients to visit with us in person. We’re firm believers in that old idea that you can tell a lot by making direct eye contact with a person.

2. Take thorough notes whenever you talk to your broker or agent. Keep a separate notebook or file on your computer with the notes you take during every conversation with your financial advisor. These will become very handy, should you ever encounter a future problem or discrepancy.

3. Independently verify information about your agent or broker, as well as the investment(s) they recommend. You can do this by carefully reviewing any prospectuses, sales materials, and the financial strength of the recommended product’s carrier. For variable products like mutual funds, you might also want to check with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as your state’s securities administrator. Your state’s insurance commission is the place to check out insurance products. Please visit the Important Links page on our website for direct links to these institutions.

4. Never make checks or any forms of payment for an investment payable to your broker, agent, or any other individual, regardless of how much you trust them. Any true financial professional would not and should not allow you to do that. Payments should be made out directly to the legitimate carrier of a financial product, only.

5. Request to have all account confirmations and statements delivered directly to you. If you do not receive them, follow up immediately, as that could be the first sign of trouble.

6. Review all documents you receive from your agent, broker, investment or insurance company for accuracy. And be sure to question anything you do not understand – mistakes do happen. That is one of the reasons you have an agent, broker, and that toll-free number on those documents.

7. Set up online access to your account(s) so you can review them whenever you want to. Then, make sure you do review them, regularly!

Please visit, or call (877) 656-9111 to discover more essential, practical financial truths and explore life-changing, proven strategies designed to maximize your wealth.

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