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Probability Is Not a Retirement Strategy!

by Samuel N. Asare


It is an indisputable fact that the vast majority of Americans – guided by their financial advisors – leave the success of their retirement nest eggs entirely to chance. Think about it. Most people invest their nest eggs on the probability that, come the time for their retirements, they might end up with amounts sizeable enough to enable them to enjoy their desired lifestyles. However, what this means is that there is also a possibility that these variable funds might end up being far less than is necessary, or perhaps even completely lost.

Your own advisor, favorite radio or TV financial personality, personal finance magazine, or finance-related blog you highly esteem may have convinced you that insofar as you have a “well-diversified” portfolio and a “long-term” perspective, things will turn out just great. While that may sound good and perhaps even have been the case in the past, you need to understand that it is still simply pure theory! The thing is, a “well-diversified” portfolio and/or “long-term” strategy cannot and will not eliminate the possibility that your variable investments may experience devastating losses from which you might never be able to recover, period!

The fact of the matter is that millions of retirees (some within few years of retiring) now wish they had known better and paid attention to this reality before the September 2008 stock market tsunami. The reality for those Americans is that when their so-called “long-term” rolled around, their “well-diversified” nest eggs stood decimated; meanwhile, their biological clocks keep on ticking. What now? Are they supposed to wait for another magical “long-term?” Do you consider approaching a retirement that is certain with a strategy hinging on uncertainty to be even a remotely good idea?

In October 2010, the “Merrill Lynch Affluent Insights Quarterly,” found that 61 percent of the affluent Americans surveyed expect to retire later than they had originally planned, up from 29 percent in January 2010. Remember, these are people who had been receiving financial advice for all those years. But it seems their so-called advisors failed to recognize the simple reality that probability works in both directions. That is both sad and scary. So what about you – what’s your strategy?

Your Dream Retirement Requires a Full Dose of Reality and Common Sense

Did you know there are folks who are virtually unaffected by stock market dips – including the recent market crash? In fact, their portfolios did not lose even a penny of value! Instead they have made gains every year. And as the markets begin to recover, their gains will only get better. Unlike those who are now trying to play catch-up, these investors will not have to delay their retirements – and those already retired did not have to endure any unpleasant changes to their lifestyles. Doesn’t this sound like a better approach to retirement for everyone?

Would you rather be trendy and possibly end up a broke retiree, or atypical and set for life? Regardless of where you are in your planning process – even if you’re already retired – you can begin taking steps today to secure and grow your nest egg, irrespective what happens on Wall Street.

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