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Is “Comfortable Retirement” Starting to Seem Like a Pipe Dream for You?

by Samuel N. Asare


As a retirement investor (or already retired person), would you say that your number one goal – above everything else – is to have a consistently reliable income that will enable you to experience your dream retirement for as long as you live? If you’re like most retirees or soon-to-be retirees, the answer is an unequivocal YES! In fact, that has been the response (or, more appropriately, the wish) of just about every person we’ve encountered in our nearly two decades as financial professionals.

In reality, though, a frightening number of Americans arrive at retirement with great disappointment – financially speaking, at least – after all those years of hard work, saving and investing. Almost every survey published over the past several months echoes this unfortunate dilemma. The saddest thing here is that most Americans have religiously followed the advice and guidance of their so-called financial advisors throughout the years – and thought they were doing just fine.

So What Could Possibly Be Wrong?

We have always maintained that many retirement investors (guided by their financial advisors) completelyignore reality. Many invest their nest eggs directly in the stock market, under the general impression thatover the long haul, they’ll be able to enjoy their desired retirements. The problem with this view of the stock market is that it’s based entirely on hope, while in actuality, hope is not a retirement strategy. It never has been and never will be.

Many in the financial profession, either intentionally or unintentionally, tend to magnify the upside possibility of gains associated with the stock market and, quite frankly, downplay the risk of loss. But does that sort of hope change reality? It’s true that you can make a lot of money in the stock market, but it’s also true that you can lose a lot of money, including some or all of your seed money. How often do you hear your advisor discussing the downside?

Since we have no control over that old biological clock, our eventual retirement is all but guaranteed – some might even say it’s certain. So why would approaching the certainty of retirement with a strategy built upon uncertainty be even a remotely good idea? The thing is, if the growth and security of your retirement nest egg are completely at the whim of the stock market, how can you be assured of that secure retirement you desire?

At Laser Financial Group, our retirement investors do not endure any loses when the stock market dips. In these uncertain times, we’re proud to share that none of our clients has lost even a dime of their portfolios’ values. Instead, their money continues to grow every year! Our clients’ investments have remained steady, and they know they will never have to endure any unpleasant decreases in their retirement incomes, work much longer to “make up” for what the stock market has eroded, or lose sleep every night worrying about the longevity of their incomes.

That is not fantasy – it’s a reality for dozens/hundreds of everyday retirement investors just like you. It is possible because they utilize a powerful investing strategy that links their nest eggs to a stock market index and, by contract, guarantees and completely insulates their savings from stock-market risk. When the market dips for whatever reason (Recession, financial turmoil in Greece, etc.), they won’t lose anything; however, when the market gains, their portfolios increase, up to a certain cap. It’s that simple: make money when the market rises and avoid losses when it dips. Can you afford to keep gambling with your nest egg, or does this sound like a better plan?

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our professionals to discuss your present situation, as well as your concerns, challenges and aspirations. We’ll conduct a thorough review of your current financial status and provide you a detailed, customized proposal that you can actually understand. The amazing thing here is that whether you like the proposal or not, you’ll owe us nothing – absolutely no strings attached! 

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