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Frustrated with the Stock Market? You Can Enjoy the Good Times and Avoid the Bad Years

by Samuel N. Asare

Follow The Right Leader

Did you know there is a means by which you can secure your investments against stock market losses – so you don’t lose even a cent when the market plummets, yet indirectly enjoy its good years, up to a cap?

In their search for financial freedom, many Americans just follow the crowd. The recent stock market crash undoubtedly left the retirements of millions delayed or, frankly, destroyed. And what we find particularly troubling is how many people seem shocked and/or unaware that such a predicament is possible when their portfolio is invested in the stock market. The reason is that money invested directly in the market leaves you open to the full brunt of the market’s risk.

Most investors simply do what everyone else is doing, assuming that it must be the right thing to do and, more dangerously, without understanding the risks. Laser Financial Group has always maintained and taught that the majority is completely wrong on this one. You see, when funds are invested in the stock market, downturns are every bit as real as up years. In other words, gains and losses all impact the entire account balance – including your principal. A simple example will clarify this point:

Let’s assume the S&P 500 index is an investment and you have put $10,000 into it. In the first year, it gains 15 percent – meaning, your account’s balance is $11,500 at the end of year one. Let’s say the index loses 15 percent the following year, so your balance drops to $9,775. Then let’s assume that in year three, it gains 15 percent. You now have $11,241. Sure, you had two up years – but that bad middle year actually brings your total down to $259 less than it was after just the first good year.

We recommend and assist our clients in utilizing a simple strategy that not only protects their principal dollars, but also locks in all their gains, guarantees a minimum interest regardless of the stock market’s performance, yet allows them to participate indirectly in market gains up to a predetermined cap.

Using the same scenario from above, and assuming a 2 percent guarantee with a 15 percent cap and a 100 percent participation in the S&P 500 index, our strategy would have resulted in a balance of $11,500 (15 percent gain on the $10,000) at the end of year one. The $11,500 then locks in and becomes the new principal. So even though the index loses 15 percent the second year, the account is credited the guaranteed interest rate of 2 percent – hence an ending balance of $11,730. Not bad for a “down” market, is it – particularly when the majority of investors are wishing they hadn’t lost any value? Then your 2 percent growth sounds spectacular! And wait till you see the value at the end of year three: $13,490 - a 15 percent gain on $11,730!

A Few Questions to Ponder

Now that you’ve seen the numbers in these examples, which approach would you prefer to use in building your nest egg? Where might the millions of now-worried investors who have lost up to half of their life savings be today if they’d followed the proven strategy we teach? How long do you think it will take those investors who lost significant portions of their portfolios, at the pace of their current strategy, to catch up – let alone overtake – investors following our approach? The truth is, no one knows – including us. As Warren Buffet’s famous quote goes: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

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