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Laser Financial Group offers educational workshops and webinars where we teach everything you need to know about building true wealth. After attending, you'll be empowered and equipped for a better financial future.

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• Recession-Proof Your Retirement Nest Egg

Learn proven, practical, and legally sound strategies to ensure:
  • You'll retain every cent of your hard-earned savings, even when the stock market plummets, and make gains up to a certain cap when it increases!
  • You're guaranteed never to run out of income, irrespective of how long you live!

• Get to Enjoy Your Retirement Income, Tax-Free

Discuss retirement alternatives free from dividend or capital gains taxes - that is, no tax on distributions, including gains. Learn about having the ability to transfer funds to heirs, income-tax free, as well as no penalties for early withdrawal or Required Minimum Distributions. Plus, how to eliminate the taxes on your Social Security checks.

• You CAN Qualify for Maximum Medicaid Benefits WITHOUT
    Sending Your Immediate Family to the Poor House

You may have heard that, by law, you have to be literally broke - with not more than $2,500 to your name - before you or your spouse can qualify for Medicaid assistance. However, under that very same law, there's a rather simple way (NOT a loophole) that a couple can use to keep an unlimited amount of money and still qualify one of them for Medicaid. Lawyers seldom mention this in their presentations, because then they can't charge an arm and a leg to set up those windy trusts.

Come learn about the only savings program under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 that will allow your immediate family members to continue to enjoy your hard-earned savings WITHOUT jeopardizing your eligibility to qualify for maximum Medicaid assistance, should you need it.

• Skip the Tax on Your Social Security Benefits

Discover how to plan for a tax-free retirement income. Learn about the accumulation vehicle that is not considered earned, passive, or portfolio income by the Internal Revenue Code, meaning it does not affect taxation of your Social Security benefits.

• The Successful Management of Real Estate Equity

Most people wrongfully believe that home equity generates a return. Learn why equity has no return and how you can utilize otherwise idle equity to generate a return. Discover the fastest, smartest way to pay off a mortgage while maintaining liquidity, safety, and tax favorability. Learn how to keep acquisition indebtedness at levels that do not diminish the deductibility of your mortgage interest.

• How to Avoid Retirement Shock

Get a jump on the strings that surprise most retirees during the distribution and transfer phases of retirement income and how they can be avoided.

• Overcoming Stock Market and Tax Threats to Your Retirement

The two most critical threats facing those planning for retirement are the negative effects of stock market plunges and rising taxes. This presentation will teach you proven, practical, legal strategies to protect your savings when the market plummets yet make money " up to a cap" when it gains, and retain the ability to access your retirement income, tax-free and transfer to your heirs income-tax free!

• 2 Things You CANNOT Afford to Do with Your Nest Egg

Most well-meaning Americans fall into one or more of these traps because most follow conventional financial wisdom and traditional advisors. These two everyday mistakes can mean the difference between a comfortable dream retirement and a "had I only known" retirement.

• Choosing the Right Retirement Investments - What You and Your
   Financial Advisor May Be Missing

Most advisors program their clients to focus on those investments with the highest GROSS return.

FACT: Investments with the highest gross return do not necessarily generate the most NET- spendable income. What matters at the end of the day is net-spendable income; hence, the MOST emphasis should be placed on tax-efficiency, which a lot of folks miss until they are actually retired and it's usually too late.

• Decoding the Mortgage Debate

Get answers to your question about whether it is financially prudent to eliminate mortgage debt.

• The Only Thing Better Than a Reserve Mortgage

Learn a simple, common-sense, superior approach to managing mortgage debt that ensures that homeowners are in a better position to pay off their mortgages, rather than the traditional method of paying it off and then obtaining a reverse mortgage later in life.

• 3 Deadly Mistakes Your Financial Advisor is Making

  • The amount of income-tax you pay depends on how much money you make.
  • The stock market is the best place for long-term wealth accumulation.
  • Investments with the highest returns produce the most income.
While it is understandable why people might believe the statements above, they are all INACCURATE. This presentation will dispel these myths and teach you proven, simple truths you can count on to build a truly secure financial future.

• Wealth Optimization

If you're following the advice of a traditional financial advisor, chances are good that you are not optimizing your assets or planning as well as you could for your retirement. This presentation will teach you the following:
  • How to guarantee your nest egg will not lose money when the stock market crashes.
  • How to lock in equity-based returns during the good stock market years.
  • How to accumulate and access savings, tax-free.
  • How to transfer funds to heirs income-tax free
  • How to withdraw IRA/401(k) money with no tax consequences
  • How to avoid the strings attached to traditional retirement plans
  • How to avoid tax on Social Security benefits

What Workshop Attendees Are Saying

Great presentation! Applicable to real life! Very realistic! - Christie P., Woodbridge, Virginia

Really enjoyed how the lecture centered around everyday financial activities and the breakdown of the products. Speaker was eloquent. - Kwadwo A., Chesterfield, New Jersey

Best seminar I ever participated in. Why? Unlike others, you don't show people how to spend money. Instead, you show them how to make it. Thank you! - Sekou Y., Frederick, Maryland

Great presentation, I am now so angry my bank and its financial "advisors" didn't tell me about how I can have tax-free retirement income. Thanks! - Maria M., Washington, DC

This was an excellent presentation in the sense that the material presented made sense. Simple language in the layman's words was used to explain concepts that are often regarded as "complicated" in the financial world. Thank you! - Brehene O., Chesterfield, New Jersey

First you have to learn the rules of the game. And then, you have to play better than everyone else.
-Albert Einstein

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