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Here's what sets us apart from other retirement planners...


Each member of Laser Financial Group's wealth advisory team comes with a proven track record that's backed by more than 10 years of real-life, hands-on experience in his/her respective area of specialization. You can count on receiving the same top notch practical guidance that has enabled many families to realize their retirement aspirations over the years.


Integrity is at the very core of our firm - it trumps everything else we do. You will hear only the straight facts from us - always! We'll give you all of the pertinent details up front to help you make the best informed choices so that you can avoid any unwelcome surprises later.


Consulting with advisors who are affiliated with specific product companies can be challenging because you will inevitably receive recommendations for their company's products. But are those products necessarily the best fit for you? At Laser Financial Group, rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach to retirement planning, we made the deliberate choice to stay truly independent of all products so that we can tailor our recommendations to your unique needs. We have no allegiances to any particular company's product, and no specific sales requirements or quotas to meet. We'll simply recommend the best fit for YOU.


We believe that a retirement that is certain to arrive, demands a nest egg you can count on to be there for you. We also believe that your retirement nest egg should provide you with income that'll last as long as you do - even when the stock market is down. We follow time-tested, Nobel-prize-winning academic models to design well-diversified portfolios to help meet your specific individual needs. Whether you are retiring in six weeks or have been retired for sixteen years, our insights will help you to take control of every aspect of your finances so that you can focus on truly enjoying your golden years. We've done it for many others - and we can do it for you, too!

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Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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