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Reaching retirement is inevitable,
but the kind of lifestyle you'll have
is completely optional.

It is possible for you to retire on your terms and experience complete financial security. But it will take more than just randomly investing in some 401(k) at work, or in an IRA that some salesperson wants you to buy only so he or she can make a commission. You need to work with an honest and transparent professional who also has a proven track record of actually delivering the kind of success story you're looking to accomplish in real-life.

At Laser Financial Group, we have spent close to two decades directly assisting folks from all walks of life take back control and overcome the most pressing challenges facing retirees in today's economy. Most importantly, you can expect us to tell you precisely what you must hear - THE TRUTH - not what just sounds good.

From strategies to ensure you'll never outlive your savings regardless of whatever the stock market does, to helping you maximize your Social Security benefit checks, and reducing your income taxes to the barest minimum, our independent advisory team can help you craft a unique solution to achieve the outcome you want.

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• Protect Your Nest Egg

Let's face it. At the end of the day, the only thing you can count on about the stock market is that it will sometimes go up, and it will sometimes plummet. Beyond that no one knows exactly what will happen next - and when it will happen. So does your retirement plan reflect this reality? Could you afford to gamble all your hard-earned money on the "hope" that nothing catastrophic happens just before you retire? Or even worse, during your retirement?

Making money on your investments when the stock market skyrockets is one thing. But being able to keep those gains when the market plummets is a completely different story. The good news is that there is a way to invest that will enable you to make money, up to a certain cap, when the stock market goes up. Then, all of your previous gains are locked-in so that you won't lose even a penny if the market were to dip - something you know might probably happen, sooner or later.

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• Never Outlive Your Savings

You're probably going to live a good, long, and healthy life. That's a great thing! But are you going to be losing sleep wondering whether your savings will provide you with consistent, reliable income for as long as your retirement lasts? Who could enjoy life with such a constant and very real worry hanging over their head? Laser Financial Group can help you to insulate yourself from the possibility of ever outliving your savings.

You can guarantee that your nest egg will provide income for as long as you and/or your spouse live. And most importantly, since your income will not depend on the movements of the stock market, you can rest assured that regardless of what happens on Wall Street, your retirement lifestyle will not be disrupted.

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• Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

When it comes to collecting Social Security benefits, most Americans - including many who call themselves financial advisors - make the very costly mistake of assuming that the Social Security Administration will give you all the advice you need about how to maximize your benefits and avoid leaving any money you're entitled to on the table. That would be nice. But unfortunately, that's just not how things work in reality.

Indeed, there are several powerful options and strategies you can use to enable you, your spouse, and dependents collect the maximum benefits possible. However, here's the catch: YOU, the applicant, must tell Social Security which specific option(s) you desire to claim. In fact, did you know Social Security Administration employees are specifically prohibited - as in, completely barred - from giving you any form of advice, or even wording questions in such a way as to "suggest the proper or desired answer"? (Social Security Administration Operations Manual. Procedure GN 00203.004)

So here's the million-dollar question: How can you select the best option if you are not aware of the entire spectrum of possibilities? After all your years of paying into the system, shouldn't you be certain that you and your family will indeed collect every penny due you? Our team has helped lots of people navigate their Social Security options - and it'd be an honor to do the same for you, too!

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• Reduce Your Taxes

The less you pay in the form of taxes, the more money you'll get to keep to enjoy your retirement doing the things that matter most to you. Of course, that's a no-brainer! But do you have an actual tax-reduction strategy in place to ensure that will, in fact, become reality for you? It will not happen automatically. Or simply by hoping or expecting that your taxes will decrease in retirement.

The great news is that under IRS rules, there are ways you can access your retirement savings completely income tax free, and without having to keep up with any required minimum withdrawal mandates.

We can also show you how you may restructure your retirement income so that it is not counted as part of your "Provisional Income" which may allow you to avoid having to pay taxes on your Social Security benefit checks.

And if you'd like your heirs to receive the money that you'd leave behind for them income tax free, we'll show you how you may do that.

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• Preserve Your Legacy during Medicaid

You may have heard that according to Medicaid guidelines, you have to be virtually dead broke before you or your spouse can qualify for the maximum Medicaid extended care benefits. But did you also know that under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, there's a rather simple way by which your family may be able to keep an unlimited amount of money while you or your spouse still qualify for Medicaid?

Our hope is that you or your spouse will never need Medicaid assistance in your lifetime. However, we don't have a crystal ball. So we think it's prudent to incorporate an antidote for that possibility - however distant it might be - in your overall retirement planning.

Our team of professionals can help you plan your savings in a way that will legally preserve them for your future generations without jeopardizing your eligibility to qualify for maximum Medicaid benefits. This means that you don't have to exhaust your hard-earned savings, leaving your loved ones with practically nothing, just to protect your health later on in life. .

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• A Financial Professional You Can Trust

One of the most critical foundational pillars to a successful retirement is having an honest and trustworthy team of financial professionals working with you. This is a philosophy we fully embrace at Laser Financial Group - Transparency and integrity are at the forefront of everything we do. Although we cannot promise that we'll turn you into a millionaire overnight, you can count on us to tell you the truth, always, no matter what, without any semantics or sales gimmicks. Our specialty is good old straightforward talk.

We made the deliberate choice to stay truly independent from all financial products so that we can focus on helping you to find the best possible solutions to achieve the outcomes you want. We'll continue to have no allegiances whatsoever to any particular company's product or any sales quotas to meet because we understand that people have different needs. One size cannot and will not fit everyone.

When you partner with Laser Financial Group, you can expect to always have direct access to a true professional who is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity. We give you all of the pertinent details up front so you can make the best choices and avoid any unwelcome surprises down the road. And we continue to work with you in the months and years ahead to ensure that all of your expectations are being met.

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